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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 4, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. >> this is fox 5 news at 10. >> another headline making a story and this time there is no denial. what mikhail is up to now is keeping her in the public eye
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in a whole new way. >> plus the skins making the final cut for the roster. who is in and who is out for the new season under the new coach. >> but we begin tonight with earl. it is now a tropical storm and blowing on the eastern coast tonight. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm will thomas. >> and i'm maureen umeh. the storm is no longer a threat to the u.s. and as fox's jennifer davis reports, people on the cape are breathing a huge sigh of relief. >> reporter: cape cod did take hurricane earl seriously. but the storm was barely here before it was again. and now folks say it is time to enjoy the last holiday weekend of the summer. billed as a lion, earl came more like a lamb. he allowed nathan to sleep peacefully through the night. >> he was 0 okay. >> reporter: with the storm approaching many held off on holiday plans, either hanging out or hunkering down. with earl's grey skies turning
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as blue as these bride maids dresses this young couple's worries went away with earl's departure from cape cod. >> sunny and beautiful and the breeze is great and couldn't ask for anything better. >> very nice. >> reporter: were you worried yesterday? >> very. but hey, there is nothing you can do. you go with the cards that are dealt to you. >> reporter: bridegroom and wedding party rode off to their reception. while business owners and inn keepers start to see things pick up on what is normally a very lucrative weekend. this was his strangest labour day weekend on record. >> we do have people coming in with last-minute reservations. but we have never before had a labour day where we weren't totally booked. >> reporter: earl did cause some damage in terms of power outages and low lying along the coast. but officials say it was very minor. jennifer davis, fox news in cape cod. power outages from massachusetts but the flooding was isolated. rain and churning surf further in maine but the winds were not strong enough to produce any
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damage. but in nova scotia, one man did drowned trying to tie up his boat when it got loose from its moorings. >> hurricane who? as you just heard the once dreaded hurricane earl proved to be far less intense than many expected, downgraded to a storm. but it did hurt seasonal businesses hoping to end the summer on a high note. get this, one business owner said losing out on customers wasn't such a big disappointment. it's earl that let him down. >> well, this was a nothing storm, as you might think. we have regular windy days here that are 50 miles per hour winds. southwesterlies, not north earl. with you -- but this was a real bust. >> reporter: i just came from ocean city and i don't think anyone there is complaining that it was a bust. earl left behind a beautiful sunny day on the coast. a lot of tourists started their labour day weekend one day later at the beach than originally planned. >> the worries are gone for the east cost of the united states. but what is earl dumping on
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canada? fox 5's glen talbot and american is in the weather center with the latest. >> reporter: it went right over nova scotia and my mother is there. i called her. she said plenty of rainfall and some really strong winds hit her area. let's take a look at earl right now. because it actually has maximum sustained winds at 65 miles per hour. racing northeast over the gulf of st. lawrence expected to pass over the extreme north eastern portion of quebec and newfoundland over the course of the night. still tropical storm warnings there, however. power outages and downed trees is what happened across the province of nova scotia as well. once it moves into the colder waters over the next 24 hours or so it will lose its tropical characteristics. here at home things are a lot calmer. pretty nice conditions. plenty of sunshine. a few clouds skirting to the north of us. other than that not bad. under the influence of a nice ridge of high pressure. the current temperatures 74 at national.
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64 at baltimore. and 65 in dulles. and taking a look at what we are expecting for tonight mostly clear skies and cooler. gusting winds today. those winds are already starting to die down. in the overnight hours pretty much on the calm side. light winds tomorrow. a great forecast ahead for the rest of the holiday weekend. thes of the details and that all-important five day when i come upstairs. >> looking forward to it, gwen. all you need is your cell phone or your computer. >> a party ends with a bang literally. a man ended upshot in the arm just after 2:00 this morning. it happened at a home here on heatherton lane. investigators say two groups of people got into an argument and the victim left. once outside, the words continued. someone threw a bottle and second later someone started firing gunshots. >> we were all talking. everyone is a little upset that this is something that could
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happen here. and we're concerned. >> reporter: right. >> we're very concerned. we hope that this is an isolated incident. >> reporter: the victim is expected to be okay. crime stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for any tips leading to an arrest. arizona stayed in the forefront regarding immigration law. the commonwealth may have these new laws. >> reporter: maureen, new fuel to the fire ball ignited by a deadly crash in the debate over illegal immigration in prince william county. it comes from an unusual source. a letter from the police chief to the feds. the crash happened the morning of august 1st. three benedictine nuns were struck head on. sister denise moser died and the two others critically injured. turns out the suspected drunk driver carlos had two previous drunk driving convictions, was
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here illegally and facing deportation. despite what we now know he was given a federal work permit. the kind of document that allowed him to get a driver's licence in the first place. prince william police chief dean wrote the department of homeland security saying: "i ask that this glaring gap in dhs policy be ended." the tragedy has reignited the fight over illegal immigration in the county after a crackdown that began three years ago. >> the system is so broken. >> reporter: the board of supervisors chair cory stewart pushing for a statewide crackdown similar to arizona says viring januaries virginians can't count on the federal government. >> they have shown no inclination to enforce the nation's immigration laws. no inclination to deport criminal illegal aliens who pose a public safety hazard. >> reporter: dhs has launched an investigation into what happened in this case. but immigration rights advocates says this case should not be used as a rallying point
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for states and counties that take immigration law into their own hands. >> the reality is that, you know, horrible things happen and people sometimes do horrible things. but it should not be politicized. ration sane minds need to take a deep breath. we are all very, very hurt and sore are you that this happened. but this is not an immigration issue. that was a drunk driving issue. >> now, there is a voice that has been drowned out in this debate and that is the order of nuns who recently after the tragedy said they hoped it would not become a forum for "the illegal immigration agenda." maureen? >> roz in the newsroom. they could consider a stricter state immigration law that could be among the toughest in the country. you may be enjoying the long holiday weekend. but not workers at the dmv in virginia. a system glitch led to a failure and caused hundreds of renewal applications to pile up. 35,000 to 45,000 people were
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affected. now 14 service centers are open today, tomorrow and monday. the holiday hours are intended to help workers get through the backlog of applications. the pre-season is over and that means the bench is getting a little lighter. the team is finding out who has got jobs if the coaching staff makes the final cuts to the roster today. lindsay murphy with what is out? >> maureen, the red skins made their cuts by 6 p.m. this evening but didn't release the roster moves until 7:40 p.m. so after playing the waiting game here is how the roster became the final 53 roster. willy parker is a 17 year vet who had 20 yards in three pre- season games. parker didn't show enough quickness to make the team. the other big name cut terrance austin who let the offense with ten catches, 146 yards and one td in the pre-season. austin was a 7th round pick this year. he could make the practice squad which will be announced
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tomorrow. the other notable cuts running-back ryan terrain. offensive lineman chad ryan hart. and the 7th rounder from this year and quarterback justin tryon was traded to the colts. the gives who stuck around are. well, maureen, we will see how this group looks a week from tomorrow against the cowboys. >> looking forward to it, lindsay. >> thanks, lindsay. >> the way you get around washington, d.c. might be seriously compromised this weekend. >> show you what's going on. not a good thing if you are trying to run the red line. it may be completely out of service. >> and plus that state dinner at the white house, also starring in the cable t.v. show. wait until you hear what's next for the woman who has already made headlines. >> the major new development in the recovery from the gulf oil
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[ music ] >> the crews pulling the blow- out from the bay have been facing delay. they are saving that evidence because it is evidence in the gulf spill investigation. it will continue once the crystals melt. in the meantime alabama is back in the seafood business just in time for labour day weekend. more than 800 square miles are have re-opened to fishing with no sign of oil. >> we got to check some of the places offshore. we were worried how the fish would survive. the fish are right where we left them. they are bothing good. the size of the fish was great today. the quality of the fish was great. the fish bit well. we are so thrilled to be become
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out there fishing. but some critics say not so fast. organizers of spill used signs, songs and bull horns who don't believe the rosy report from the government. they held a rally across from the white house earlier today saying they believe the water in the gulf is still unsafe. the u.s. demand for oil is too high. the gulf is kohnstamm nature contaminated. it's been poisoned and bleeding since april. and it is time to stop it and get real with the american people and tell them what's going on out there. >> how addicted to oil are we that we are of the trialing one mile below the surface of the gulf of mexico and there is no backup contingency for failure? >> they will hold another rally tomorrow on the national mall. >> in the meantime louisiana governor bobby jindal wants to lift the offshore drilling. it could push oil companies to seek opportunities in other
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countries. the governor has been very vocal about needing to clean up the shores of louisiana after that spill and asking for help in getting it done. president obama says the economy is slowly recovering just not at the pace he predicted. but he says things could be a whole lot worse for us. now a new labor report highlights dismal job numbers and a rising unemployment rate. fox's julie kurtz takes a look at those numbers. >> reporter: calling this the worst recession of our lifetime. president obama says the middle class has been squeezed the most and he promises to work hard to turn that around. he expends the weekend at camp david but obama used his labour day weekend address to talk about his efforts to create jobs, make college more affordable, cut taxes and overhaul the healthcare system. but his comments follow more discouraging news from the labor department that the economy shed 54,000 jobs in august and the unemployment rate kicked up to 9.6%. >> and long before this recession hit, the middle class
10:17 pm
had been taking some hard shots. long before this recession, the values of hard work and responsibility that built this country had been given short shrift. >> reporter: as the president and his economic team try to reassure americans that better days are ahead, many in the gop say obama's recovery summer has failed to materialize and it is time to do something new. >> the nation's unemployment rate is now above 9% for 16 consecutive months, this is despite the fact that the obama administration promised that the trillion dollar stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%. so the question remains, where are the jobs? >> expect more talk about jobs and the middle class from the president after a weekend at camp david. he hits the road pushing his economic message. aides say on wednesday he will lay out a new set of ideas in a speech from cleveland but not a big new stimulus plan like last year. in washington, julie kurtz fox
10:18 pm
news. >> small business owners want a break, too. some are holding off on hiring new workers or expanding. president obama called for passage of a $20 bill to invest in banks of assets of less than $10 billion to spur investment for small business. republicans are calling it a waste of their tax dollars. >> it would help them get the credit they need and eliminate capital gains on key investments so they have more incentive to invest right now. >> so as usual two views on this one. republicans want amendments for corporate research and development. senators in both parties expect the bill to pass when they go back into session later this month. >> the economy is making it hard for people to find work as you know. the national jobless rate still above 9%. that doesn't mean there are no jobs up there. hiring by clothing retailers is up by 36,000 jobs. leisure and hospitality have
10:19 pm
hired 41,000. and healthcare companies have added 46,000 jobs. and the private sector has added 57,000 jobs. the jobs are lower paying than what people are looking for. >> used to seeing all kinds of things from the new york side of the hudson. >> but what was blowing smoke across the skyline this afternoon that had hundreds of firefighters scrambling? going to find out. >> and what do you do when you lose most of your family in an instant. we will introduce you to a man who is learning that answer after a horrific accident. we are back in a minute. stay with us. [ music ] 
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. >> well, check this out, a frightening police case caught on tape. a burglar was caught by police officers. the man goes through a red light with a flat tire before crashing into a ditch. the suspect faces several burglary charges. eight days ago a
10:23 pm
devastating car reckon i-85 in virginia. a minivan flipped over and three members of the family died. as fox 5 shows us they have left survivors trying to figure out how to move on after such catastrophic losses. >> is he stafford church of god condolences are being extended to the miller family for what happened on friday, august 27th. they had just gotten on i- southbound to visit family in west virginia when their minivan tapped a car in front, spun out of car, ran off the road, flipped in the air and came down on its roof. in a moment, all three family members were killed. greg miller lost his wife, his mother and his father. >> it's horrible. i just don't know where to turn. i don't know what to do. i've lost most of my family. >> reporter: tina miller was 47- year-old. her father in law melvin miller was 72. her mother-in-law marilyn miller was 70.
10:24 pm
marilyn was raised in west virginia and quite protective of her family even at a young age. tom is her younger brother. >> i went home crying. my sister marilyn didn't like me crying. so she took me by the arm and drug me back down there and made me point out who was beating up on me. and i told her. she beat them two boys up. and then as she was taking me home, she was giving me a lecture on making sure i stood up for myself. >> the millers were an unusually close family. >> even when they weren't living with us, they were living one street over. so we had the whole family in one neighborhood. so over a couple of decades that pulls a family together really, really tightly. >> the shock of losing three family members so suddenly has not really passed. >> you know, i have the memories. i guess in time that's the way i'll look at it. but for right now it's -- it's tough. very tough. >> in stafford county,
10:25 pm
virginia, fox 5 news. virginia state police say all three members of the miller family were wearing seat-belts at the time of impact. no one in the other car was hurt. a rough weekend is underway for a lot of metro users who ride the red line. the tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont stations shut down last night at 10:00 and won't re-open until 1 p.m. tuesday. they are offering free shuttle buses. workers are replacing two old track switches, laying new track and installing new safety lights and repairing water leaks. well, it was already causing controversy. then it wound up the scene of a fire. >> but is it also the scene of a crime? what went on at the site where a mosque was being built in tennessee. plus a new face on the campaign trail for the mayor's race in washington, d.c. a democratic mayor is a lock in the district. but will the party get hard in the mid-terms on the other side of the break. 
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. this is fox 5 news @ 10. >> the battle for washington, d.c.'s top job is basically a one-party fight. it's no secret washington, d.c. is a strong hold for democrats. such a safe haven there is not even a republican candidate for mayor. but that is certainly not the case everywhere in the country. the democrats may have some trouble with the mid-terms of the recent polls say they have weaknesses that could leave the party open to a hostile takeover on the hill. fox's molly hanaberg breaks down the numbers. >> it may be a good year to be a republican challenger. that's what one recent poll is suggesting. gallup gave a republican in congress, a republican in congressin congress and a democrat not in congress and asked for whom they would vote?
10:30 pm
38% picked a republican who has not served in congress. 24% said a democrat already serving in congress. republicans say that's not good news for the democratic majority in washington. >> the overwhelming majority of american people when viewing the races generic include want a republican and outsiders. >> how enthusiastic black and white voters are going into the mid-terms compared to two years ago going into the presidential election. in 2008gallup says both groups were giving a race for the white house quite a lot or some thought. but that drops dramatically this year. some are thinking quite a lot about the mid-terms. one democratic strategist say it may have to do with president obama's first two years in office. >> given that he has not achieve the success that i think any of us would have hoped or wanted him to achieve, there is a sense of disallowingment, disappointment among his core supporters which
10:31 pm
were largely, though certainly not entirely, african americans. >> reporter: political analyst larry sabito who says the economy is weighing heavily on voter's minds is predicting that the gop will win control of the house this fall and come within a couple of seats of winning the senate. in washington, molly hanaberg fox news. >> now to the campaign trail in washington, d.c. two democrats are duking it out. the mayor could be looking for a new job soon but trying to build momentum in his final days. >> this is our victory march. >> not so fast. adrian fanti still has a big head to keep his post. he trails his opponent by 17 points in the last poll. council chairman vincent grey is wife a wave of support. and keep in mind there is no republican seeking the mayor's job and washington, d.c. is a city where three quarters of voters are democrats. that means whoever wins the
10:32 pm
democratic primary september 14th is pretty much a shoe-in for the general election come november. [ applause ] >> grey spoke with voters at the hillcrest rec center in ward 4. >> we were encouraged about the polls. and now it just creates another challenge and that is to make sure that everybody understands that this race is not over until 8 p.m. on september 14th. >> over to ward three the broad branch farmer's market. ward three is the corner stone of support for fentya reelection. michelle campaigned for fenty. >> our next mayor. [ applause ] >> fenty. >> supporters made a short walk to the chevy chase community center one of four polling sites to open saturday for early voting. >> let us get into line and cast our votes. and then for the next ten days, we are going to encourage others to do so so that we get those higher numbers and we win
10:33 pm
on september 14th. >> fenty has focused much of his reelection on a promise to retain michelle wii as chancellor. they are using their official capacity or authority to influence an election. her lawyers gave her the okay today because she was there as a private citizen. we asked gray about her appearance today. she is not surprised because she works for him and he is focused on his own campaign. >> now to international politics hillary clinton says timing is crucial to reach an agreement between israel and palestinian because of the ideology in the middle east. >> it's clear to me that the forces of growth and positive energy are in a conflict with the forces of destruction and negativity. and the united states wants to weigh in on the side of leaders and people who see this as maybe the last chance for a very long time to resolve this.
10:34 pm
the prime minister and the palestinian president are scheduled to meet for a second round of talks later in egypt this month. two separate attacks rocking afghanistan today. the latest targeted a u.s. army convoy in kandahar. no u.s. casualties but three others died in the explosion. there were seven dead including afghan police officers. that happened in the northern province. both attacks were car bombs. things are back to normal at lax tonight. a security scare shut down three terminals today and delayed three flights. it only lasted a short time. it happened this morning when an airport contract worker left a secure area unattended. officers reviewed videotapes in that area and it found no one entered the area while it was un guarded. >> more than 130 firefighters battled huge blazes. the manhattan pier and trashville trailer began burning this afternoon. three firefighters were hurt and hospitalized with minor injuries.
10:35 pm
the cause of the fire hasn't been determined. and now inspectors are checking the stability of that pier. what a scene there from across the hudson. >> mikhail salahi is ready to become a page turner. >> this real housewife of washington, d.c. is not writing a book. how she is really going to bare it all. >> that's not the big headline this time. she is writing a book. >> more of what's going on between sarah palin even the man she calls her nosey neighbor. >> take a look at these temperatures all along the eastern seaboard. taking a look at the country along the south what difference. you can see the dividing line. in for a big cooldown. the details of what you can expect and also the holiday weekend forecast. stay with us. we will be right back after this break.
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10:39 pm
commercial. well, here it is. his name is john griffin, glen. a south carolina man actually got the idea back in 1985. at the time he just made them for his family. but within a few years, the distributor spotted them and wanted them for all the action. >> could you mass produce these? i said, well, i could. he said i want 2,000 and i will pay you $5 apiece for them. that's $95,000. i said, buddy, i believe i could do that. and the next year, competitors crawled out of the woodwork. >> four years later griffin sold his business. but he says now he could be sitting on the rivera if he hadn't. still, he says he is proud when he sees someone flying a flag from the car. now you have your answer, gwen. >> she was clamoring for that, too, all day long. >> yes. and it is day some these dread. it is cut day. but for the skins you know
10:40 pm
what? >> what? >> now they know who they are working with for the season. >> which players are on a job hunt unfortunately. >> after years of practicing the red skins 53-yard roster is all set. they can begin to focus on the cowboys who they host a week from tomorrow. some surprising news on cut day. the most notable name released is willy parker a 7 year veteran who didn't show enough quickness to make the team. the other big name cut is wide receiver terrance austin. that is banks you are seeing right now. he actually made the team. but terrance austin had ten catches for 146 yards and one td. he did not make the pick. but there is a chance he could be a candidate for the practice squad which is announced tomorrow. the other notable cuts.
10:41 pm
while the red skins made cuts the university of maryland made a big addition to their staff today. kevin anderson is now the new ad for the turps. he replaces yao who left this summer to become the ad at nc state. >> elsewhere, richmond's visiting uva mike london on the right is making his coaching debut with the cavaliers. richmond is down 70 when gaston got the handoff. it looks like he took the handoff, right? he breaks through even through the cameraman and goes to the td and we are all tied up 7-7. he takes it in from eight years out. pain with four tds on the day. virginia wins 34-13. coming up on sports extra, a list of the players who did make the cut with the red skins including brandon banks and anthony armstrong.
10:42 pm
maureen? >> lindsay, thanks for that. coming up, what would you do if someone broke into your house or even your car? >> you would want the police to come, right? but in some cities there won't be an officer insight when that call comes through. we will tell you why coming up. >> fox 5 morning news is now on at 4:25 every weekday morning.
10:43 pm
no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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. >> investigators are looking into an attack on the site of a future mosque near nashville, tennessee. a fire there last saturday has now been ruled arson. the site has been vandalized twice in the past several months. but still the islamic community is still holding strong. >> i think something good will come out of this. we will get to know each other. and the muslim community will be a part of this society. we will continue contributing. and they will respect the law 100%. >> officials say the future mosque in tennessee, like other houses of worship for muslims across the country has been drawn into a fears debate
10:46 pm
surrounding the proposed community center two blocks from manhattan's ground zero. a memorial for a stampede at a german love parade. 32 people were crushed back on july 24th. so far it is still not clear why but it happened when a wave of people all tried to get out of the concert at the same time. there was only one entrance and exit to the festival grounds, according to witnesses. and it was a tunnel that had been closed to keep more people from coming in. the chaos is being blamed on poor event planning and security breaches. >> 1.4 billion, that is the initial damage report from new zealand's prime minister after 7.1 earthquake. the schools have been transformed into shelters in the city of christ church. and a state of emergency has been declared in the county's south island which suffered the worst damage. also widespread water and power disruptions. surprisingly no deaths have been reported. wicked weather in southern parts of australia today. today the state emergency
10:47 pm
service responded to more than 800 calls for help. it triggered flooding and landslides. areas across victoria state have been evacuated and flash flood warnings remain in effect for that region. [ music ] well, earl perhaps is responsible for causing a beach washout. >> yes. >> yesterday. but, boy, after he left, the weather got pretty, didn't it? >> yes, some of those shots from the coast just beautiful. >> which is great because it is a holiday weekend. >> yes. >> we really want to know that people get a chance to get out and enjoy the beach. >> not a washout for them, either. >> exactly. we did very well today. plenty of sunshine. just a few clouds. not bad at all. in fact, that flag that will was talking about i saw it blowing on his car very nicely. the winds actually picked up quite a bit. gusting winds as earl pulled its way off across the maritimes. but now things have really greatly improved. the holiday weekend is looking absolutely fantastic. i am happy to say that. the temperatures will be a little bit cooler than it has been. a drop in the mercury.
10:48 pm
but plenty of sunny days ahead in the forecast. and as we move to the later part of the week a bit of a warm-up. we will see those t so be prepared for that. but in the meantime, temperatures are right at seasonal. here is look at where we hit with our highs today. 85 at national part. 82 at dulles, the same at baltimore. national airport only 3 degrees below seasonal while dull es and national right on the park. that's where we should be for this time of year. 74 at national. 56 at frederick. 66 at hagerstown. 64 in baltimore. 73 in annapolis. as we take a trip up the eastern seaboard, 71 degrees for boston. and new york is 69 degrees. while 72 in richmond. so, our skies are very nice. a ridge of high pressure is building in. but a few clouds to the north. just a few clouds to the west of us. but other than that not doing too badly at all. that's pretty much how it is going to stay as we deal with that ridge of high pressure. talk about that a little bit
10:49 pm
more in a minute. in the southwestern gulf, this area here of thunderstorms and showers has about 40% chance of seeing something that could develop into something tropical. and then we've got the remnants of what was gaston and this only has about an 80% chance. so there is a chance we could see this redevelop into something. we also have another area of storms here between the west coast of africa and the leeward island. but this looks like it will just kind of sit there. not do a whole lot. not a whole lot of chances to become organized so not too much to worry about. a ridge of high pressure will build in slide off the coast into tomorrow. some cooler temperatures as we move into this holiday weekend. great weather to get out if you have barbecues or picnics designed good choice because it will cooperate. temperatures into the upper 70s and the low 80s. a up could of mid-80s here as
10:50 pm
well. pretty nice on the beaches for saturday and sunday. that will carry through into holiday monday. mostly clear for tonight, then. lighter wind, the overnight low 62 degrees. a very light westerly wind. then for tomorrow no shortage of sunshine. pleasant, low humidity. that's always a good sign at 81 degrees. here is a look at your day planner. by the time we get mid-day temperatures into the mid-70s or so. by the 4:00 hour we will hit 81 degrees. here is a look at your five day forecast. no shortage of sun right across the board. as i said by the later part of the week we will ease up temperature wise a little bit. temperature will be the warmest day with mostly sunny skies. hit the 90 degrees mark. >> looks like a great looking week. >> it was hot today. i needed a sweater. i cannot believe this after this 90 degrees weather. >> really much cooler at night. >> yes. >> well, if you want you can take the flag off my car. >> there you go. >> retreat to the corner.
10:51 pm
>> craigslist is now censored. the massive shakeup happened today. the website pulled the plug on its adult service section. a black bar reading censored pops up instead. the section posed a great danger and proposed prostitution and child trafficking. craigslist hasn't said if the change is permanent. >> all right. here is the story we've been talking about. the so-called white house party crasher is planning to bare it all for playboy. tmz reports that she is excited about the full frontal shoot. and she hopes to get the cover. plus she is auctions off that red sari right here that she wore to the state dinner at the white house. the sale date is october 2nd. the auctioneer expects it to bring in $2,000 to $3,000. they claim 80% of the money will go to charity. >> sarah palin can stop worrying about her next door neighbor. he is moving out. author joe mcguiness is writing a book about palin and living
10:52 pm
there in alaska for three months now. but now he is heading home to massachusetts. the palins built a fence to prevent him from seeing into their home although he had no intentions of spying. >> i guess that would be kind of creepy. if you knew someone was writing a book. >> i would put up like a fortress or something. okay. if your neighbor's house was robbed you would call the police, right? i hope so. what if the police sent your other neighbor over to investigate. >> well, it is happening in parts of the country already where police departments are staffing out what they consider to be sort of small crimes to civilians. and as fox's claudia killin reports that has some people concerned. >> reporter: with lay-offs and fewer resources, oakland police will no longer send officers to investigate non-violent crimes like burglaries, car thefts and vandalism. across the bay san francisco has another potential solution. 15 civilian cops are being hired to do some of the work of regular officers, but without badges or gun and at a lower
10:53 pm
salary. >> this is not only about cost reduction, this is also about improvement in the quality of service and improvement in the quality of investigations. >> reporter: police chief george gaston wants to replicate a program he pioneered in arizona. for the past year 11 civilian officers have handled calls such as burglaries, credit card fraud and car theft freeing up regular cops to focus on more serious crimes and offenders. their work has helped cut response times and now 41 suspected criminals have been numbered. they are worried about evidence collected by civilian cops holding up in court. >> you have issue with dna, dusting for fingerprints. are they going to see these investigations through? are they going to turn them over to another investigator. are civilians going to be sticking around in this job as most of us have made a 30-year commitment to this job? >> police commissioner john hammer says civilian cops shouldn't work certain cases. but with the right training they could help victims and
10:54 pm
save taxpayers money. >> these are folks that have not been through the entire police academy. that end of itself is incredibly expensive. when you add that together with the salaried police officer this is roughly half the cost. and in these tough budget times it's worth looking at this. >> while overall crime is down in san francisco this year, officers have had to respond to more than 3,000 burglars. the chief is hopeful that number will drop and other crimes will be resolved faster once civilian officers are on the case starting in january. in san francisco, claudia cowan, fox news. the law is coming down against a man who says he wants to put up a sign. >> not even what the sign would say has the town against him. find out why his words from the bible have been banned. >> coming up why this medical lee broke up between cops and citizens at a tony blare book signing. find out what's up on news edge. >> fox 5 news is brought to you
10:55 pm
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. >> pulitzer prize winning cartoonist paul conrad has died. he drew critiques from politicians from harry truman to george w. bush. his famous to drawing was richard nixon. appearing on nixon's enemies list was one of his proudest achievements. he died of natural causes at his california home. he was 86-year-old. cartoonists spend their careers trying to bring things to society's attention. that's also what a new hampshire man is at least trying to do. >> but rather than drawing he wants to show people the light with light-up billboards proclaiming scripture. but the town says no. and it's not because of religion. fox's lorne green explains why. >> thank you, lord, thank you, jesus. >> reporter: he used to be addicted to the painkillers oxycontin. he says jesus helped him kick the habit. >> when i was recovering from
10:59 pm
the addiction he gave me powerful scripture throughout my entire withdrawal to be healed. >> reporter: now the 38-year- old new hampshire man wants to share the bible passages he says saved him by lighting them up on a 12-foot tall, 8-foot wide electronic road sign in a plaza he calls signs4jesus. >> i envision a day where people will be driving to and from work reading that scripture. >> the sign is going to be right here. >> he wants to put up signs4jesus across the country starting with land he owns at an intersection. but they are not letting it get of the ground. >> the electronic nature of the sign is what we prohibit. >> reporter: the signs planning board has turned him down twice. >> it cannot be electronic. it has to be the traditional type that you put up on the sign at this point. >> some residents feel the sign could distract drivers. his sign needs to illuminate in order to show others the y.


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